Children of The Revolution. Nepal. { 24 images } Created 10 Aug 2010

From 1996 until 2006 the Nepalese Communist Party (a Maoist inspired force) fought a 10 years long People's War. The aim was to end a secular monarchical dictatorship lead by the unpopular King Gyanendra.
The revolutionary guerrilla starting from little villages in remote countryside regions managed to spread and gain control of most of the areas. Once it got to the edge of the capital, Kathmandu, a prolonged general strike was launched and blocked the whole country for weeks until the monarchy capitulated.
The Maoist militants agreed to give up the arms and become part of a new democratic process which culminated in early 2008 with a general election.
The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) won the majority of seats and its leader "Prachanda", who had been hiding for years, came to light to became Nepali Prime Minster. Since then the mission of the parliament has been to call an assembly to write the new constitution. At present the parties still do not agree on many issues, mainly about the integration of the Maoist soldiers in the Nepali Armi.
These children represent a generation who was born and grew up during the last communist revolution the world has seen.

All these pictures are shot on B&W film and are available as a very limited edition, hand processed straight from the original negatives on silver gelatine prints.
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