Kumbh Mela. Haridwar, India. { 24 images } Created 5 Aug 2010

April 2010. Haridwar, India. The Kumbh Mela draws to a close.
For hundred days, from dawn to dusk, tens of millions of pilgrims arrived to free their sins bathing in the holy waters of river Ganges.
They gathered from all over the country to attend this eternal ritual that cancels time and space, equalizes ethnicity and castes.
A slow, incessant, growing procession of ordinary people has transformed the Kumbh Mela in the largest human gathering the world ever recorded.
Tha aim of this book is to challenge the archetypical depiction of the festival showing the Sadhus, the holy men and point the lenses to the vastness of Kumbh Mela from the perspective of the silent multitude of Indian people with no holy credentials, that make it.
This book is dedicated to the people of India, the silent majority that attends the Kumbh Mela.
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